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Want to get the Italian Aperitivo?


Close your eyes: you're in a bar. In Rome. Or in Florence. It's about 1960. The jukebox is playing. You hear music, happy voices, amused laughters. A bartender has just prepared and served you a perfect Aperitivo. La Bella vita. Cheers.

Bella Sprizz takes you in a postcard from Italy, with a mighty contemporary touch: our Bitter, Aperitivo and Elderflower are certified vegan, made in Italy and soaked with fierce feminine energy.


Get your original Aperitivo.
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      Bitter but sweet.
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          We promise you the bliss of blooming.
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              Made in Italy

              That's how we roll

              HAVE A

              "From Italy with authenticity. We bring you the taste of excellent quality and the loveliness of a good toast.
              We're certified vegan and we choose outstanding and sustainable ingredients."
              Con amore, Christie Brinkley

              Certified Vegan

              We can guarantee that Bella Sprizz doesn't contain any derivatives of animal origin. We care about earth and we want you to enjoy your drinks with the ICEA Vegan and BevVeg Certifications.

              Inclusive Concept

              Get Bella Sprizz and have a taste of how barwomen roll behind the counter: taste accuracy, confidence, excellent quality and proficiency.

              Enjoy Your Time



              We know how to get in the mood of a good Aperitivo. Choose one of Bella traditional recipes, mix the ingredients the way she does and take a seat. You just need the right sound. Which one? The most iconic classic italian pop, of course. Here you go.