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Spring is here. No matter what day it is. Bella Sprizz Elderflower brings you the youthful, heady scent of elderflower in full bloom, with a hint of lemon zest. A feminine and effusive flow of energy in your glass, ready for you.

Great cocktails come from big choices: we choose premium quality ingredients and we wanted Bella Sprizz to be free from any ingredients from animal origin. That's why we strongly wanted to get the Icea Vegan Certification and BevVeg Certification.

we promise you the bliss of blooming

You Will See

The low alcohol content in Bella Sprizz Elderflower makes it perfect for your Aperitivo, anytime. It comes from the Italian Alps, where Elderflower blooms in all of its grace and charm. That's where the idea of infusing it with alcohol was born. Imagine smelling a limpid day on the mountains, the racy yet embracing fresh breeze. Spring is coming. You're happy and you know it.

  • Alc 14% by VOL
  • 1 L
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elderflower COCKTAIL

Classic. Fresh. Vibrant.
Are you ready?
Place ice cubes in a wine glass.
Do the “ABC”. As simple as that.

  • A - Two parts of Bella Sprizz Elderflower
  • B - Two parts of of Bellissima Prosecco or Bellissima Zero Sugar Sparkling White Wine
  • C - A splash of Club Soda

Garnish with a slice of orange.

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