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Our Bitter gets his name from various herbs that make it fabulous: rhubarb, gentian, orange, germander. Can you smell them? Imagine getting a sip of an ancient aromatic potion, but with a lively modern touch. Aperitivo is an Italian ritual, and Bella Sprizz hands it down to you.

Great cocktails come from big choices: we choose premium quality ingredients and we wanted Bella Sprizz to be free from any ingredients from animal origin. That's why we strongly wanted to get the Icea Vegan Certification and BevVeg Certification.

bitter but sweet

You Will See

Herbs give a classical yet magic touch to your Aperitivo. The first aromatic bitters were born as medical tinctures to help the digestion. It's as simple as that: medicinal herbs infused, thanks to ancient wisdom. In Italy, Bitter has always been great after dinner, sip after sip, while chatting after a joyful meal. You can choose to have your Bella Sprizz straight or on the rocks. Want to drink it before dinner, as the traditional Aperitivo? Just mix it exactly as a capable barwoman does. Here's the recipe.

  • Alc 24% by VOL
  • 1 L
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Purely Italian.
Classic, yet astonishing.
Are you ready?
Get a glass and mix:

  • One part Bella Sprizz Bitter
  • One part Club Soda

Serve on the rocks.
Want a perfect touch?
Garnish with a slice of orange.

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